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"IT Quarters gives us courteous and professional computer services. We trust their work and expertise."
Johnny Blankenship, CEO
JLB Development, Inc.
Douglasville, GA

"We rely on IT Quarters for all our computing and networking needs. They have even cleaned up poorly done work by our own ISP".
Tony Lopez, Owner
Circle Truck & Car
Atlanta, GA

" 'Pure Genius' is how I describe them. IT Quarters has been able to solve all my computer issues. When other companies told me there was no way to save my computers, IT Quarters not only saved my computers but also recovered ALL my data."
Barbara Johns
Austell, GA

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Home Users

Remember when your computer was new, fast, and worked flawlessly? it was enjoyable to use, and it worked right!

If your computer is no longer performing the way it should and wastes your valuable time in doing the simplest of tasks, it is in need of professional attention. It is probably suffering from harmful programs such as viruses, trojans, spyware, and other malware programs just as the majority of other internet connected computers today. These infections not only slow down your computer, but also pose a significant risk to you. They are often a gateway for outside hackers who can steal your identity as well as any of the information in your computer, including your bank accounts and credit card numbers. We can get rid of these infections, give your computer a thorough tuneup, and install effective protection to increase its ability to defend itself from future attacks.

If your computer is free of any viruses or other malware and has recently been given a professional tuneup, but is still slow, it may need some addtitional RAM. RAM are the memory chips that your computer uses to operate efficiently. Adding more RAM is a very cost effective way to upgrade the performance of your computer, and is something we can do very quickly and inexpensively. Another popular and cost effective upgrade that we can do for you, is adding a large hard drive for greater storage capacity to accomodate the hundreds or thousands of high resolution digital photos that many users are storing in their computers today. The hard drive is where all your files, photos, and documents are permanently stored.

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Thorough cleaning and removal of dust on internal components, including motherboard, memory chips,
CPU heatsink, power supply, fans, and add-in cards.


Complete defragmentation of hard drive, including directory and file structure optimization for increased computer operating speed and efficiency.